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Dr. GocoAre you looking for a physician directed medical spa that blends science with beauty? At the Goco Center for Aesthetics, it is our goal to enhance and rejuvenate the natural beauty of our clients. Led by Dr. Goco, facial plastic surgeon and medical director, our team of professionals specializes in offering the latest techniques for aesthetic facial rejuvenation. Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery and double board certified in facial plastic & reconstructive surgery, as well as otolaryngology head & neck surgery, Dr. Goco possesses a desire and commitment to his patient's satisfaction and well-being. Focusing on keeping Murfreesboro on the cutting edge, he stays up to date on the newest technologies and ways to incorporate them into his work. We offer a wide variety of services, Surgical Procedures, Non-Surgical Procedures and Skin Procedures. If you have any questions regarding our practice, or comments, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to call us or contact us online. We’re happy to assist you in any way that we can.

realselftopdoctorDr. Goco has been named a "Top Doctor" by RealSelf.com due to a combination of his patient results, credentials and overall experience. In order to be a RealSelf "Top Doctor," a physician must be board-certified, highly rated by their patients, and an active participant in educating patients about aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Dr. Goco is among only 10% of RealSelf doctors to achieve this honor.  
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The Importance of Exfoliation


Did you know as we age, our cellular renewal rate slows down. What does that mean?  you might ask.  Well it means that our bodies are slower to shed dead skin cells and generate new ones.  This can be a very big deal in the skin and aging department!! In fact, these are the cold hard facts about age and the rate we generate new cells: Babies renew their cells every 14 days. Teens renew their cells every 21-28 days. Middle aged people renew their cells every 28-42 days. People over 50 renew their cells every 42-84 days. Of course genetics, lifestyle, environment, personal hygiene and a person’s medical history are factors that can play a huge role in their cellular renewal. But…Have you ever heard the term “Soft as a baby’s bottom”? Well, a baby has the softest skin because their cells are turning over at a rate that is double or triple what we as adults experience! As a skin care specialist, I am constantly explaining the importance of regular exfoliation. I truly believe this is in the top two things an adult needs to invest in when it comes to skin.  The other being a good physical… Read more »

The Product Order: How to use Skin Care


Since good skincare often takes on a multi-faceted approach, I am often asked in what order to layer products. The first step to any good skincare regimen is cleanser. It removes make-up, dirt, oil and dead skin cells. This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions like acne. It is important to cleanse your skin face morning and night. The second step is toner which prepares the skin for products, balances the skins ph level and gets any residual make-up off. The third step would be either a growth factor or serum. Thinnest product first! Serums are water-based intense treatments that address particular issues like pigment or dryness. Growth factors are essential proteins that make your skin think and act younger. They are like a personal trainer for your skin; enhancing the production of collagen. The fourth step would be your eye cream. I would recommend one with Vitamin K for dark circles. If your concern is fine lines and wrinkles my recommendation would be an eye cream with retinol.  The eye area is the most delicate and fragile part of the face.  Gently pat your eye cream around the eye, avoid tugging or pulling at the skin. The… Read more »

Don’t Fear a Chemical Peel!


I think most people respond with fear when they hear the word “peel.” They worry that it’s going to hurt or that their whole face is going to come off.  I want to dispel the fear factor and introduce you to a great treatment that can help with your lack-luster skin. Who is a good candidate? What does a chemical peel do? Everyone is a great candidate! Chemical peels are extremely customizable. We treat patients as young as teenagers trying to manage acne, up to mature women maintaining their youth. Peels can help treat fines lines, wrinkles, pores, dark spots, tone, and texture. BEFORE a Chemical peel! You should discuss with your Aesthetician your goals and concerns for your skin. This will help them decide which type of peel would be best. We have different strengths of chemicals to address every type of skin concern while also taking into consideration the amount of downtime allowed. Some patients have time for the outward exfoliating while others don’t. Also let your Aesthetician know about any medications or skin care you are using. Some medications and products make your skin more sensitive. How is a chemical peel done? What does it feel like?… Read more »

Sunburn Solutions!


  Of course you didn’t mean to get sunburned! Maybe you fell asleep or lost track of time, but it’s important to prevent it from happening again.  Your risk for melanoma doubles if you have had more than five sunburns.  Your skin will heal, but real damage has been done.     Did you know that certain medications can increase sun sensitivity? Some of the most common ones are Antibiotics (Tetracylines, Flouroquinolones, Sulfonamides), Diuretics (Furosemide, Hydrochlorothiazide), and oral and topical retinoids (Isotretinoin, Acitretin, Tazarotene, Tretinoin).  The above are just a few medications that can cause photosensitivity.  It is absolutely fine to take these medications, it’s just when taking these drugs you need to be extra diligent about sun protection.   Nursing your Sunburn The best way to treat a sunburn is to prevent one from happening in the first place, but in case it does happen here are several ways to heal your scorched skin! Take a cool bath-try adding one cup of organic apple cider vinegar to a bath to promote healing. Soak in an oatmeal bath-helpful for itchy skin. Lock in moisture while skin is damp such as applying skin moisturizer immediately after taking a shower. Aloe vera… Read more »

What does pregnancy mean for YOUR skin?


You Are Expecting a Baby!!!  What Does This Mean for Your Skin?? Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  Motherhood brings on a whole plethora of newness!  New beginnings.  New responsibilities.  New schedules.  New life!  Along with all these exciting yet scary new things, expecting a baby can also mean changes in your skin.  Although some are good, there can be some changes that aren’t so good. The Pregnancy Glow You may see what is referred to as the “pregnancy glow”.  This change can be a positive change.  I mean, who doesn’t want to glow?  We spent lots of money on products to give us that glow when we apply makeup, right?  This effect caused when your body produces 50% more blood, resulting in more blood circulation though your body.  This increase in blood flow can cause your face to appear brighter.  Yay!!  On the other hand, (there is always another hand, right?)  This pregnancy glow can also be caused by the production of hormones that cause your oil glands to work in over drive, causing your skin to be shiny. What can you do?  Well, really using an oil free cleanser to cleanse your face can be… Read more »

The Sun is not the ONLY bad guy when it comes to spots!


Have you ever noticed pigment or brown spots on your skin can appear and sometimes even get worse, even though you are avoiding sun and using a good sunscreen? Yes, it is true that sun exposure definitely can cause dark spots on the skin.  BUT….Did you know there are other triggers you may or may not be aware of??     ACNE…. Acne marks can cause spots of discoloration on your face. This is called PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).  All skin types can get PIH, but it is more prevalent in darker skin.  You can avoid this by not squeezing or aggravating your acne.  Some gentle exfoliation after a breakout will help prevent PIH. HEAT FROM SAUNA AND COOKING…. The sun isn’t the only heat source that can give you pigmentation. Heat from fire, cooking and sauna are culprits too!  Actually, anything that stimulates pigment cells can cause pigment.  There have been studies that link skin browning to underlying blood vessels that dilate and get worse with heat.  Avoid exposing your face to anything with high heat for this reason.  Keep your distance as much as possible when cooking, which I know is easier said than done. PARABENS…. There are… Read more »

The Secret to Perfect Skin: Retinoids!


One of the ingredients most everyone should incorporate in their skincare routine is Retinoids. “Retinoid” is an umbrella term for a category of molecules that share the basic chemical structure of Vitamin A.  Under this umbrella are:     Retinoic Acid– Prescription forms of Vitamin A are retinoic acid and can range from .010 to 3%. Retinoic acid applied topically can be very irritating to the skin. Retinal (retinaldehyde)– Applied topically is converted to retinoic acid, but at meaningful concentrations can still be irritating to the skin. Retinol– Applied topically is converted to retinal which is then converted to retinoic acid by enzymes in the skin and is less irritating upon application than both retinal and retinoic acid. Tretinoin– Medical grade sold in doctor’s offices. The generic form of Retin-A. Retin- A– Available only with a prescription from your doctor, these retinoids are the strongest on the market.   What are the benefits of using Retinoids? Retinoids prevent and reduce wrinkles, assist in skin cell turnover, improves skin texture and pores, acne, helps to fade hyperpigmentation spots, and stimulates collagen production. This sounds like a winner to me!  I would love to address all of these issues!   How should I… Read more »

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Dr. Oz Discusses teams up with investigative reporter Elizabeth Leamy to discuss the dangers surrounding cosmetic surgical procedures performed under the guidance of individuals without the proper licensing and/or training.
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