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Dr. GocoAre you looking for a physician directed medical spa that blends science with beauty? At the Goco Center for Aesthetics, it is our goal to enhance and rejuvenate the natural beauty of our clients. Led by Dr. Goco, facial plastic surgeon and medical director, our team of professionals specializes in offering the latest techniques for aesthetic facial rejuvenation. Specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery and double board certified in facial plastic & reconstructive surgery, as well as otolaryngology head & neck surgery, Dr. Goco possesses a desire and commitment to his patient's satisfaction and well-being. Focusing on keeping Murfreesboro on the cutting edge, he stays up to date on the newest technologies and ways to incorporate them into his work. We offer a wide variety of services, Surgical Procedures, Non-Surgical Procedures and Skin Procedures. If you have any questions regarding our practice, or comments, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to call us or contact us online. We’re happy to assist you in any way that we can.

realselftopdoctorDr. Goco has been named a "Top Doctor" by RealSelf.com due to a combination of his patient results, credentials and overall experience. In order to be a RealSelf "Top Doctor," a physician must be board-certified, highly rated by their patients, and an active participant in educating patients about aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Dr. Goco is among only 10% of RealSelf doctors to achieve this honor.  
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Tips for Summer Skin!


Summer is here! Those long warm days we have been dreaming about are finally upon us! This also means the harsh sun is beaming down on your skin! Make sure to protect yourself at the pool, the beach, and even during your day-to-day activities. Here are a few suggestions that can help you keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the summer months. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and more Sunscreen! About a teaspoon is needed for the face and a shot glass for the body to give a good amount of coverage. This needs to be applied and reapplied every two hours. Most people think they only need to protect themselves if they are going to be out in the sun – WRONG – even running errands can lead to too much sun exposure! Oh, and don’t forget your lips! Look for lip care with an SPF of 20 or higher, not a gloss though. Glosses actually attract the sun, while balms tend to hydrate. Remember when in doubt, reapply!!! Keep your skin exfoliated and hydrated! Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells, cleans your pores, and helps your skin care products penetrate the skin deeper. Hydrating your skin to keep the skin… Read more »

Oxygen Facial Treatment


Even in the summer months, maintaining visits with your aesthetician is key to achieving your skin care goals and keeping skin rejuvenated! The oxygen facial is a favorite of mine for the hot summer months!  This duo treatment also includes an enzyme for exfoliation. What does the oxygen treatment do and what type of skin is it good for? The oxygen treatment can help to lighten, increase skin function, decrease redness, environmental toxins, oxygenating skin cells to repair and regenerate, and provides a germicidal action to the skin. It leaves the skin clear and luminous with a feeling of firmness.  This treatment is effective on any skin type including acne, rosacea, sensitive, and sun-damaged skin. What is an enzyme? An enzyme mask helps to get rid of the dead skin cells, improves skin texture, tightens pores, allows easy extraction, and better penetration of skincare products. Enzymes are a form of chemical exfoliation unlike beads in a scrub which are physical exfoliation.  Enzymatic exfoliation is great for deep cleansing and even the most sensitive skin.  I love enzymes because they give you instant results with no scrubbing or irritation.  They make my skin incredibly soft! What should I expect? My aesthetician… Read more »

Adult Acne!


COULD HORMONES BE CAUSING YOUR ADULT BREAKOUTS??? Do you ever, as an adult, get breakouts that can seem as bad or worse than your teenager’s acne? I have found I sometimes seem to get more breakouts than I had in my teenage years!  And as a licensed aesthetician, I come across many patients with this same problem, so DON’T FEEL ALONE!  Adult onset acne is becoming increasingly common in women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s!   HORMONES can influence acne by causing the oil glands to produce excess sebum (oil).  Hormones also cause skin cells that shed to become abnormally sticky causing build up and clogged hair follicles.   HORMONES cause an increase in the number of acne-causing bacterium (P. acnes).   ANDROGENS, the male hormones present in both men and women, can contribute to acne flare ups by over stimulating the oil glands and altering the development of skin cells that line hair follicles in the skin.  If acne is accompanied by excess facial or body hair, deepening voice, or irregular / infrequent menstrual periods, then testing should be done to rule out abnormal androgen levels.   How can you tell if your acne is hormonal? … Read more »

“De-puff” while you drink up!


With swimsuit season almost upon us, weight loss, slimming down, and every kind of fad diet imaginable seem to be all the buzz this time of year. I began thinking about my “non-invasive body-contouring” patients, and decided to do some research to specifically help them make some healthy choices about naturally detoxifying their bodies this year…not only do I believe it to be a fabulous way to get the very most out of a treatment series, it is also a great way to improve the way that your body feels, each and every day! Listed below are the 8 Foods for an Instant Detox: Almonds A couples handfuls of almonds per day cleanse fatty deposits from the liver. The Vitamin E in about 15 almounds, about 16 mg, has shown to lower the risk of liver cancer by as much as 40% when eaten consistently. White Tea Caffeine & EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) set up fat cells for defeat! White tea boosts the breakdown of fat (lipolysis), and blocks fat cells from forming (adipogenesis) Guacamole Avacado improves digestive and liver function Cilantro (linalool and geranylacetate oils) helps to soothe and “simmer down” an upset tummy. Studies show that these oils are so… Read more »



What causes Rosacea? What are the common triggers? Rosacea can occur at any age, but mainly between the twenties and sixties. Rosacea affects primarily lighter skin types and women.  However, rosacea can affect darker skin types and males as well.  The exact cause of rosacea is unknown and can vary from patient to patient.  Genetics can sometimes play a role.  Some common triggers are stress, hormonal fluctuations, extreme temperatures especially heat, sun exposure, certain medications, diet and exercise.  Alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks, sugar, and dairy can also worsen the condition.   How do you know if you have Rosacea? What are the symptoms? The best way to know if you have this skin disorder is to have it properly diagnosed by your doctor. Some of the symptoms to look for are flushing, pimples, burning or stinging sensation, and visible blood vessels.  Did you know there is such thing as ocular rosacea?  This affects the eye area and is best treated by going to an ophthalmologist.     How do you treat and control Rosacea? While there is no cure for rosacea, there are ways to treat and reduce redness and irritation. It is important to stay persistent and patient. … Read more »

Want Better Skin? Supplements Can Help!


I know there is no shortage of pills out there claiming to work miracles! But the truth is, there really ARE some supplements on the market that have the power to give you younger-looking skin, and even healthier hair and nails in some cases! BIOTIN: is a B vitamin that can be found in foods such as peanut butter and bananas. It supports skin, nerves, digestion and metabolism.  It can also be used to reduce hair loss and encourage nail growth.  The recommended dose is 35 micrograms a day. FERN EXTRACT is exactly what is sounds like….and has been researched for almost 20 years for its Skin-saving abilities. In fact, a recent study found that it provides protection from UV rays!  Awesome, huh?  It can also be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo.  It works by having an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin tissue.  Ask your doctor about what amount to take, since it is based on a person’s weight, which correlates to the amount of skin they have. IRON is found in foods including spinach, oysters, and cashews. It makes your skin glow by activating B vitamins.  Iron can also keep your hair from… Read more »

The Sun is not the ONLY bad guy when it comes to spots!


Have you ever noticed pigment or brown spots on your skin can appear and sometimes even get worse, even though you are avoiding sun and using a good sunscreen? Yes, it is true that sun exposure definitely can cause dark spots on the skin.  BUT….Did you know there are other triggers you may or may not be aware of??     ACNE…. Acne marks can cause spots of discoloration on your face. This is called PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).  All skin types can get PIH, but it is more prevalent in darker skin.  You can avoid this by not squeezing or aggravating your acne.  Some gentle exfoliation after a breakout will help prevent PIH. HEAT FROM SAUNA AND COOKING…. The sun isn’t the only heat source that can give you pigmentation. Heat from fire, cooking and sauna are culprits too!  Actually, anything that stimulates pigment cells can cause pigment.  There have been studies that link skin browning to underlying blood vessels that dilate and get worse with heat.  Avoid exposing your face to anything with high heat for this reason.  Keep your distance as much as possible when cooking, which I know is easier said than done. PARABENS…. There are… Read more »

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Dr. Oz Discusses teams up with investigative reporter Elizabeth Leamy to discuss the dangers surrounding cosmetic surgical procedures performed under the guidance of individuals without the proper licensing and/or training.
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