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cosmetic-derm-chemical-peelsI think most people respond with fear when they hear the word “peel.” They worry that it’s going to hurt or that their whole face is going to come off.  I want to dispel the fear factor and introduce you to a great treatment that can help with your lack-luster skin.

Who is a good candidate? What does a chemical peel do?

Everyone is a great candidate! Chemical peels are extremely customizable. We treat patients as young as teenagers trying to manage acne, up to mature women maintaining their youth. Peels can help treat fines lines, wrinkles, pores, dark spots, tone, and texture.

BEFORE a Chemical peel!

You should discuss with your Aesthetician your goals and concerns for your skin. This will help them decide which type of peel would be best. We have different strengths of chemicals to address every type of skin concern while also taking into consideration the amount of downtime allowed. Some patients have time for the outward exfoliating while others don’t.

Also let your Aesthetician know about any medications or skin care you are using. Some medications and products make your skin more sensitive.

How is a chemical peel done? What does it feel like?

First your face will be thoroughly cleansed. Then the chemical peel will be applied (usually with a brush). The solution will be left on your face for just a few minutes. During this time you may feel a slight burning or tingling feeling. Some chemical peels are meant to leave on throughout the night and some are made to rinse off. These sensations quickly dissipate. I promise, it’s tolerable and the results are worth it! Lastly sunscreen will be applied to protect you from sun exposure.chemical peel

After the peel!

For a lighter chemical peel you may have a slight glow for the next day or so. You should not experience a lot of outward exfoliation. Your skin may look a dry and flakey.

After a medium depth peel your face may be pink and warm, similar to a sunburn. You will most likely experience peeling, the heaviest days should be day three through five. Usually by day six and seven your skin may still be flaking and starting to look more luminous!

Not everyone peels with a chemical peel though. This is not an indicator of the peel’s effectiveness. If you have any questions or concerns about your peel, call your Aesthetician.

Typically a series of 3 to 4 peels is recommended to achieve optimal results. Medium depth peels can be received every 4 to 6 weeks. Always remember SUNSCREEN! Especially after a chemical peel. Your skin is even more sensitive during this time. We want you to protect your investment and not reverse the damage that we are correcting with the chemical peels.

Happy Peeling!