Want Better Skin? Supplements Can Help!

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I know there is no shortage of pills out there claiming to work miracles! But the truth is, there really ARE some supplements on the market that have the power to give you younger-looking skin, and even healthier hair and nails in some cases! BIOTIN: is a B vitamin that can be found in foods… Read more »

Microneedling Therapy

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Do you need improvement with rough texture, skin imperfections, pore size, pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks, or fine lines?   Look no more!  We have the solution with our medical grade CosmoPen.  Microneedling is the latest and most innovative in skin rejuvenation and the secret to amazing skin.  Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). … Read more »

…put on the Red Light???

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Recently an article caught my eye about claims of the power of Red Light Therapy (RLT.) Studies demonstrate miraculous results in various arenas: the anti-aging realm, wound and injury healing improvement, clearance of acne and rosecea, the reversal of hair-loss, and even the ability to reduce pain in the muscles and joints! It wasn’t the… Read more »

For the Love of Make-Up

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  I love make-up! It can be used as a form of expression, but also a confidence booster! You probably don’t think about make-up going bad like milk. I know I didn’t. Make-up does have an expiration date though. Using old make-up won’t make you sick like bad milk would, but it can cause infection… Read more »

What’s NEW this SPRING!

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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow! Let us help your revive and refresh your winter, dry skin with our new treatments!   Cherry Blossom Facial: This blossoming facial is sure to brighten and hydrate your skin for spring. The cherry enzyme will help to improve the skin’s elasticity and texture… Read more »

Eat your way to FLAWLESS skin!

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Everyone has a favorite cream or treatment, but beautiful, healthy skin starts from within! If you feel like your skin is missing that special glow, try adding in these 10 skin healthy foods.   Eggs for breakfast make a great start to the day since they contain Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin cell growth… Read more »

Can YOUR sweet tooth be causing you to age?

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We all know sugar is bad, right?   Sugar means calories, and to most people, the thought of calories means possibly putting on a few pounds if not kept in check.  It is no secret.  But did you know that eating foods high in sugar can cause wrinkles???  Truth be known, there probably aren’t many… Read more »

Winter Skin Care Tips!

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I know I’m starting to feel the effects of the cold weather on my skin, lips and hands! I have gas heat in my home which makes things worse.  Here are several tips that I currently use and some that I’m going to try. Use a humidifier at… Read more »