What does pregnancy mean for YOUR skin?

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You Are Expecting a Baby!!!  What Does This Mean for Your Skin?? Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  Motherhood brings on a whole plethora of newness!  New beginnings.  New responsibilities.  New schedules.  New life!  Along with all these exciting yet scary new things, expecting a baby can also mean changes in your… Read more »

Tips for Summer Skin!

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Summer is here! Those long warm days we have been dreaming about are finally upon us! This also means the harsh sun is beaming down on your skin! Make sure to protect yourself at the pool, the beach, and even during your day-to-day activities. Here are a few suggestions that can help you keep your… Read more »

Oxygen Facial Treatment

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Even in the summer months, maintaining visits with your aesthetician is key to achieving your skin care goals and keeping skin rejuvenated! The oxygen facial is a favorite of mine for the hot summer months!  This duo treatment also includes an enzyme for exfoliation. What does the oxygen treatment do and what type of skin… Read more »

Adult Acne!

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COULD HORMONES BE CAUSING YOUR ADULT BREAKOUTS??? Do you ever, as an adult, get breakouts that can seem as bad or worse than your teenager’s acne? I have found I sometimes seem to get more breakouts than I had in my teenage years!  And as a licensed aesthetician, I come across many patients with this… Read more »

Flat Tummy Foods!

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With swimsuit season almost upon us, weight loss, slimming down, and every kind of fad diet imaginable seem to be all the buzz this time of year. I began thinking about my “non-invasive body-contouring” patients, and decided to do some research to specifically help them make some healthy choices about naturally detoxifying their bodies this… Read more »

Preventing Skin Cancer!

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Skin cancer is the most common yet most preventable cancer. One in five Americans will develop it in their lifetime.  Melanoma rates are increasing faster than nearly all cancers.  Melanoma kills one person every hour and as many as 10,000 die annually from it. Tanning in a booth or even sun bathing is not safe!… Read more »


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What causes Rosacea? What are the common triggers? Rosacea can occur at any age, but mainly between the twenties and sixties. Rosacea affects primarily lighter skin types and women.  However, rosacea can affect darker skin types and males as well.  The exact cause of rosacea is unknown and can vary from patient to patient.  Genetics… Read more »

Over the Counter vs. Medical Grade Products

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  As an Aesthetician, I am frequently asked if there really is a difference between over the counter skincare as compared to medical grade skincare.   The USFDA divides skincare products into two distinct categories: cosmetic and pharmaceutical.  Cosmetic(over the counter) skincare is defined as ingredients “applied” to the human body for cleansing and beautifying purposes. … Read more »