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Recently, I’ve heard it on t.v., the radio and in discussions with my patients, and so I wanted to do a little research on my own…what super powers DOES apple cider vinegar REALLY possess?

Here are the top 10 ailments which apple cider vinegar a fabulous home remedy is for:


Solve an upset stomach

Apple cider vinegar contains pectin, which is known to soothe tummy troubles. Mix a teaspoon or two with some water, or apple juice to help ease issues.

Eliminate hiccups

Hiccups are usually the result of spams when your body is attempting to rid of excess air…the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar is thought to help reduce the spasms, therefore many people use a teaspoon as a home remedy to reduce hiccups.

Sore throat cure

Gargling with equal parts, 2 oz of apple cider vinegar and 2 oz of water, once per hour can relieve a sore throat. The bacteria in the throat causing the pain don’t like the acidic content in apple cider vinegar, and one may find great relief by gargling this mixture!

Reduce your cholesterol

There are some studies that have proven that when 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar is taken regularly, the acetic acid found in the vinegar can actually help reduce cholesterol levels.

Stop indigestion

By drinking a tall glass of warm water, with a teaspoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar prior to meals, people whom suffer from indigestion may find a great relief from the pain!

Clear your nose from congestion and stuffiness

Apple cider vinegar contains potassium which thins mucous, and along with the acid content that kills bacteria, you may find a single teaspoon with a glass of water to ease your congestion as well as cold medicine

Lose weight

Having some apple cider vinegar with your salad can help boost your metabolism and is also a known appetite suppressant in humans.

No more Dry scalp

Mixing 2 oz of water with 2 oz of apple cider vinegar, and massaging it into your scalp when you shampoo can help eliminate germs from growing on your scalp which can cause dandruff.

Facial blemishes

By using apple cider vinegar as one would any toner, can help kill the bacteria from growing on your face which is a key factor of acne issues.

Midday energy boost

By having a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some juice rather than a cup of coffee when the midday energy crisis occurs, you avoid the jolt and crash that caffeine can produce.

Wow! I can’t help but be quite impressed with all the super powers that apple cider vinegar possesses! I am going to continue my research, so please check back for more updates on this amazing apple cider vinegar!